Welcome To Blue Ridge Medical Detection Dogs

Blue Ridge Medical Detection Dogs (BRMDD) is a registered 501(c)3 Charity located in Asheville, North Carolina. We are dedicated to creating projects with social impact. Our mission is Early Cancer Detection by training dogs to smell the bio-chemical traces or minute odors associated with cancer in humans. These dog are referred to as Cancer Detection Dogs (CDDs) or CDDit for working dogs in training (it). This project is dedicated to the people and families who’ve been touched directly and indirectly by cancer.

We are committed to using rescued dogs from area shelters, such as Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Brmdd has a strict “No kennel” policy, meaning all of our CDDs live with families willing to host the dog while part of the project. Host family will be responsible for dropping CDDit for work and picking up at days end. When it is time for that dog to retire, the host family will have first option to fully adopt their friend.

With specialized medical scent training, previous clinical studies proved dogs could be trained to detect cancer in humans, and detect it earlier than current technology.

Our Mission

  • Early Cancer Detection while disease is still localized and therefore, more easily treated.
  • Training Cancer Detection Dogs (CDD); Dogs trained to smell the bio-chemical traces of cancer in humans.

Our Vision

  • Develop a low cost, highly accurate, non-invasive integrative cancer screening method.
  • Utilize CDD as Second-line screening:
    • Surveillance of patients in remission from a previous cancer
    • Screening for cancers currently very difficult to diagnose reliably
    • Use in conjunction with the current gold standard tests, which result in a high number of false positive or false negative results, to improve accuracy and reduce additional invasive tests and cost.
  • Implement Cancer Screening utilizing CDD and Breath Samples at the Primary Care Level, as part of a patient’s annual physical, and screen patients according to the guidelines set by the American Cancer Society.
  • Create independent Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Centers, utilizing Cancer Detection Dogs (CDD).

Meet Our Cancer Detection Dogs (CADit) in training

Mr. Huey
Mr. HueyBlack Lab, Male: Lung Cancer Detection
Huey is in training (it), specifically for the Lung Cancer. He is a sweet loving hunk of working dog who aims to please. His favorite reward is food, but we continue building ball drive on a daily bases…in hopes of fewer future calories. He love playing with his canine friends and snuggling on the sofa with his human family! Huey’s drive, focus and willingness to work makes him a great CDDit.
Ms. Maya; Breast Cancer Detection
Ms. Maya; Breast Cancer DetectionTEAM JUDY; In Honor & Memory of Judy Willard Swaim
Ms. Maya, a Carolina Dog is about 2.5 years old, rescue from death row by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Maya is our first CDDit for our Breast Cancer Detection Dog Team. She’s the defender of all squirrels gathering nuts and hole digging ground hogs. She’s sweet, gentle and very independent, yet the first to instigate pack play with her canine friends.
Mr. Bo Jango;  Pancreatic Cancer Detection
Mr. Bo Jango; Pancreatic Cancer Detection TEAM BUNETTA; In Honor & Memory of Al Bunetta
Mr. Bo Jango is male lab mix and the newest member to the medical detection dog family. Jango came from a foster home in Sylva, NC. Found as a small puppy along the the road, his saving family was then impacted by cancer. Long hours away, lead Jango to be placed in foster care, at just one year old, full of energy and no one to throw the ball. He is a high drive dog which is great for detection. We are grateful for his foster family who then contacted us.